Mar 07

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Basic NSRCT Extraction Decision

When you have a toothache, the cause may be due to the tooth being severely decayed.  If the toothache is causing you severe pain, the nerve on the inside of the tooth may be dying or already dead.  If this is the case, you’ll need to either have the tooth extracted or have the nerve removed to eliminate the pain. Removing the nerve will save the tooth and is known as a root canal.

Root canals are very common within the world of dentistry since it is a routine way to save the tooth and prevent an abscess from forming.  Although many people end up having their teeth extracted, others turn to the root canal.  This dental procedure is preferred by many general dentists but it can take 3 – 4 hours. If the abscess is severe, it may take longer. The procedure can be done faster by a root canal specialist or Endodontist because they have additional equipment and expertise that a general dentist does not have.

Endodontists use machines to do a majority of the cleaning associated with root canals. In the past, the dentist had to do it all with hand instruments which took quite a bit of time.  Now, with the use of rotary files and special suction systems, the dentist can use rotary files to remove most of the nerve and germs from the tooth then let the suction machine to vacuum up the remaining debris and germs.  This helps cut down on the amount of time needed to do a root canal and helps ensure that all of the dead or dying pulp and germs have been removed efficiently.

The choice you need to make when thinking about a root canal is whether or not you wish to save the tooth or have it pulled (extracted). Sometimes, a dentist will recommend the root canal, especially if he thinks it would be in your best interest to save the tooth. Other times, he will let you make the decision, and decide if you want to save it or just go ahead and have it extracted.

Although the root canal is a procedure that many fear, it is also a procedure that can save the life of your tooth. If you have a painful tooth, you should consider this procedure. You may be able to use the tooth comfortably for many years to come!

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