May 06

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Quality questions to ask regarding endodontic treatment – Does the endodontist use a mircoscope

It’s very hard for a patient to determine the level quality and workmanship that an endodontic office is producing.  Most patients only know if it hurts when they are having their root canal, if the staff is friendly, and the office is clean.

There are simple questions that can be asked to provide clues.  One of the most important questions is to ask if the doctor has a microscope in every treatment room and do they use it on every patient throughout the root canal procedure.  Microscopes have been used in endodontics since 1994.

They provide higher levels of magnification and illumination that are not possible with the naked eye or magnifying glasses. Most general dentists do not have microscopes because they are difficult to use for fillings, crowns, extractions, and implants. Many endodontists have a microscope but it is on wheels and must be moved from room to room which is difficult and therefore it is seldom used.

It costs $18,000-25,000 per treatment room to have a microscope mounted in the room.  Specialists who want to perform at their highest possible levels will have a microscope in each treatment room to make it easier to use. Endodontists who want to do their best will use it on every patient throughout the procedure because they want to see everything and miss nothing.

Using a microscope for every root canal throughout the procedure clearly indicates the endodontist is committed to performing at their personal best and they are willing to spend the money to improve their ability to see.  It’s a clear commitment to quality and that is what you are looking for.  If you only ask if the endodontist has a microscope, the answer may be ”Yes” but it probably is on wheels and is seldom used.  Make sure it is used throughout the entire procedure.

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