May 15

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Quality questions to ask regarding endodontic treatment – Insurance questions

Often when a patient calls our office inquiring about having a root canal they often want to know if we will accept their insurance.  The answer can be complicated.  Let’s see if we can clear things up a bit.

Some people are really asking if we have signed up as a contracted provider for their dental plan.  The answer is No.  We are not a contracted provider for any restrictive dental plan that operates with a provider list.  If we were to become a contracted provider we would have to accept fee reductions of up to 40%.  I am only interested in providing the highest quality root canal I can.

Fee reductions change the incentive from doing a great root canal and being fairly compensated for my time, to doing a quick root canal because the compensation is not enough to invest the time it takes to be thorough.  It also forces contracted dentist to keep expenses as low as possible by having only the minimum necessary equipment to do a root canal.  That probably means the dentist will not use a microscope throughout the procedure because reduced compensation prevents them from making the investment to put a microscope in each treatment room.

They probably will not have digital X-rays or use higher cost irrigation systems which take more time but disinfect the root canal much better.  If the root canal is not done right the first time it will fail and have to be done again at a greater cost.  Why not get it done right the first time?  Most dental plans have a limited benefit which will be used up on other more routine dental procedures in the course of a benefit year so why not start with a solid foundation and use up your benefits with your restorative dentist?

There is another aspect to the insurance question.  If you have a dental plan that doesn’t have a restrictive provider list, then the answer becomes, “Yes, we do accept assignment of benefits.”  You will need to pay your estimated portion that is not covered by your insurance plan and we can wait for the benefits payment from the insurance company.

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