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One thing that sets our practice in St. Petersburg, FL, apart from other offices is the advanced technology we use to perform root canal procedures. Along with high-powered microscopes, our endodontists use the EndoVac™ system to perform root canals the right way the first time. This device uses suction instead of a forceful injection to deliver the disinfecting solution into the contaminated root canal without touching the surrounding bone.

In a traditional root canal procedure, the dentist injects a strong disinfectant into the contaminated canal. This method of irrigation typically does not get a sufficient amount of disinfectant into the root-tip.  

Studies have shown that the root canal space can be decontaminated most effectively with sodium hypochlorite, this powerful disinfectant will kill and dissolve bacteria.  

Needles used for this treatment by other dentists usually do not reach all the way down to the root-tip and are ineffective in delivering the disinfectant.  


  • Consistent results
  • Safe and effective
  • No risk of bone damage
  • Better cleaning and decontamination
  • Improved treatment outcomes
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  • Endo-Vac increases success rate for root canals
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Proper Disinfection - The Gold Standard for Endodontics

Our endodontists have found the EndoVac system to be the most effective irrigation system for root canal treatment because it greatly reduces the failure rate. This advanced technology uses suction to deliver the disinfecting solution only in the areas that need treatment. It allows for safe irrigation all the way to the tip of the tooth root, unlike needles that may not go all the way down the root. This device vacuums up loose infected debris and bacteria from the canal system. Since the disinfection technique used to perform a root canal is closely linked to the final outcome, we use the EndoVac system, as well as a microscope and other advanced technology, to perform all root canal treatments and re-treatment procedures at our practice in St. Petersburg, FL.

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